Mini Grooming Service

This is an ideal service as maintenance between full grooming appointments. A lot of our customers add parts of this service to their grooming schedule every 3-5 weeks. It will maintain the coat and keep your dog in tip-top condition, looking and feeling his best at all times throughout the year.  The appointment usually lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You can choose any or all of the following options to add to the mini groom:

  • Ears cleaned with a soothing gel cleaner, and long ear hairs removed from the ear canal £9.00
  • Any long hair in front of eyes carefully scissored away to allow full vision. Eyes bathed with a soothing eye wash. £4.00
  • Nails cut £9.00
  • Add a file afterwards to take off any sharp edges £4.00
  • Foot hair clipped or scissored nice and short to avoid dirt clogging up and matting in this area £9.00
  • Anal Glands expressed and washed to remove odours £9.00
  • De-shed treatment, using appropriate tools and techniques, to remove excess moult £9.00

All of the above options can be finished off with a free splash of our delicious doggy cologne.

The full works is £38.00 or you can have 3 of the above for £20.00.

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